Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer and no Blogs from the Southwick's

I know I have slacked on the blogging this summer, we really haven't been that busy. Lets just say work sucks. Working all night and sleeping all day isn't so much fun.
Lets see what is new with the Southwick's
Shane is starting a new job, in a couple of weeks at Mountain States Steel
Brylee's hair is starting to kinda grow back after having to chop it from it falling out related to the fevers she had.
Brylee's gets to have a new baby bother or sister around the 1st of March.

That pretty much sums up are summer!!! Of course going to Yellowstone with the family. Gotta love it!!!


  1. Yea!!! New baby southwick! How exciting!
    I was wondering about her hair.... sad. I didn'tknow she was having fevers.

  2. Holy Cow you made a post!!! It's about time. Maybe you need to send me your pics and let me manage your blog. Although by the time you get on and read this it will be next summer. LOL:) Love ya! sorry you have to work crappy nights. I feel for ya.

  3. Oh man you can't quit your blog...once Shane starts his awesome new job - you won't have to work so many crappy nights!!! We Love You!